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Learning Innovation
Future Education

Our Challenge

Australia's future prosperity is dependent on building a society that is ready to evolve and adapt to AI.

AI is revolutionising our lives and workplaces. In the coming decades, it will play a critical role in contributing to Australia's economy.

Our education and training systems must prepare our citizens for a world increasingly influenced by the rapidly developing capabilities of AI.

Empowering Australian citizens for a life with AI

by ensuring Australia's education & training systems are AI ready

Our Mission

Make the best use of AI in all parts of the education system to improve the efficacy of the system for students, teachers, administrators, parents and carers, governments and other funding organisations.

Generate AI-relevant curricula and training materials that are pedagogically sound, advancing learning design, learners' experiences and learners' outcomes.

Prepare students for workplaces and society more broadly in which AI technologies are ubiquitous and influential at all levels of lived experience.

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Secure, Trusted & Responsible

Bringing together education providers, technology companies, researchers and governments to conduct applied research to develop secure, trusted and responsible AI-enabled education and training products and services.

Readily available to all, taking account of cultural and linguistic diversity and Australia's place in the world as a successful multicultural democracy.

Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Round 26 Expected  Timeline:

Jan 2025 Round 26 Opens
March 2025 Round 26 Closes

June 2025 Stage one confirmed
December 2025 Stage two confirmed
July 1st 2026 Funding begins.

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Be at the forefront of the development and adoption of AI in the education and training sector

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