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AI for LIFE proposes three research programs that have been developed in consultation with educators, industry, government and researchers, designed to establish a research-informed approach to advance learning design, learners' experiences and learners' outcomes with AI.


Supporting teacher needs and integration of AI in classroom practice

Including AI tools and services to support teacher tasks and workload, curriculum design and delivery and student progress monitoring and assessment.


Supporting student learning experiences and outcomes

Including AI tools and services to support personalisation and adaptive learning experiences to increase equitable and inclusive learning experiences. Effective use of data to monitor learner progress and advance learning outcomes.


Supporting education vision, policy and strategy

Including AI tools and services to support leadership practices, social and ethical design of AI platforms and infrastructures for education and development of governance guidelines to support evaluation and procurement of evidence-based AI solutions for education.

Be at the forefront of the development and adoption of AI in the Education and Training sector

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