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Our Story

The world is on the cusp of an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. AI is already affecting the way communities live, work and play.

Generative AI (such as ChatGPT and similar platforms) is already in wide use with user numbers accelerating.

These platforms are just the beginning as intelligent agents steeped in large language models (LLM) improve prediction and forecasting in all conceivable domains of human endeavour.


By 2023 the Tech Council of Australia forecasts that AI will contribute $115 billion to the Australian economy, which represents 7% of GDP, through improving existing industries and enabling the creation of new products and services.

The use and creation of AI education technology is largely unregulated and under-researched. Currently, education providers are not equipped to assess, critique, and confidently select and use AI-based education products and services. AI for LIFE provides a platform for the education and training industry that can guide the ethical development, equitable use and assessment of education products and services that make use of AI technologies. Educators, business leaders and politicians are calling for AI that can be trusted and acts responsibly driven by the provision of open standards and regulatory guidelines. Research proposed by AI for LIFE aims to point to ways in which these objectives may be achieved.


Will help to ensure Australia's current and future workforce has the requisite AI skills and competencies to excel in an AI-dependent economy and society.

In a recent speech the Minister for Industry and Science reinforced this position, highlighting the critical role of AI and related technologies in contributing to Australia's economic future.

The scale, pace and extent of the transformation this represents come with opportunities and risks.

Almost certainly AI 'literacy' will support economic prosperity and advance the quality of life for all Australians.

Our Values


AI will affect and be used by all Australians. The AI for LIFE CRC is committed to ensuring that our research is structured to deliver benefits to all Australians regardless of their socio-economic status, access to computing technology, and other differentiators.


NOTE: When computers and information technology first became widely available a digital divide was created in Australian education and society between schools and homes that could afford these technologies and those that could not. We seek to avoid this inequality with respect to AI.



We will make an explicit effort to ensure that our research does not favour particular segments of society to the exclusion of others.


NOTE: We will actively promote research that benefits sections of Australian society that are disadvantaged and marginalised. The NT Government, for example,  is seeking research programs that lead to culturally appropriate methods that equip First Nations people to recognise deception and disinformation, whilst also being confident to take advantage of the benefits offered by AI.



We will make a determined effort to ensure that research results are actionable and include means for adoption or implementation.



The AI for LIFE CRC will be a careful steward of the funds and other resources to which it is entrusted.


NOTE: The CRC will be responsible for substantial funds from governments, private companies and other investors. Beyond our legal obligations we have a moral responsibility to expend these assets wisely and in keeping with community expectations about what is fair and reasonable



We are committed to acting with respect for our staff and all with whom we interact in and beyond the CRC.

Be at the forefront of the development and adoption of AI in the Education and Training sector

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